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Almost all of IFI's productions, that mainly regard the industrial sector, are customized: systems and subsystems are built according to specific customer requirements with high-quality materials such as steel and Fe 430B 304/316, aluminum alloys. The use of modern numerical control machines combined with the experience of the operators allows to obtain excellent results from the point of view of the final quality and precision mechanics.
In addition IFI provides a plasma cutting machine for particular processes and paintwork of various kinds. Performing welding with electrodes, mig / mag, tig.


the company designs and manufactures:

- various types of filtration systems for a wide range of application areas: dust, fumes, oil mist, odor abatement, etc. ...;
- Water collection, piping, hoods (also for restaurants), steel chimneys (both standard and inox)
- suction arms

- Silencing enclosures for power generators;
- Silencers for air recirculation of electrical generators;
- Soundproofed cabins for industrial machines (presses, sanders, etc ...);
- Soundproofing for civil application (air conditioners, heat pumps, etc. ...);
- Soundproof doors;

- Gates, railings, walkways, canopies;
- Various types of equipment, dressers, benches, work benches, box;
- Light carpentry;


the company performs for its customers interventions of:
- Maintenance of filtration systems, and soundproofing also external realization (repairs and replacements)
- Technical adjustment of filtration systems, and soundproofing (new regulations)

The staff I.F.I. is licensed to conduct technical operations at industrial operating companies of any kind, including environments with danger of fire and / or explosion.

All equipment and utensils supplied to the technicians and workers IFI are certified.

Any intervention of operators I.F.I. at client companies is protected by extensive insurance coverage against accidental damage arising from construction, installation, maintenance, repair.

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